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Creative Digital Media Final Year Project

Back at it

So i’ve revised my project from last semester and based on the work I put in, level of contact I’ve received from designers, realized that it just isn’t feasible. So I’ve gone back to the drawing board and generated ten new ideas that I can choose from.

  1. A comic on interning
  2. Photography on nature
  3. Illustrate photos of animals
  4. Illustrate responsibilities on someone and the tension it creates
  5. Movie Fights: Film a debate on movies every week
  6. New comic strip every week
  7. Stop motion of my old warhammer stuff
  8. Illustrate sections of a book I like
  9. A comic of the adventures of a superhero squad
  10. Illustrate the thoughts of someone with, often, extreme anxiety

Based off of these I have chosen three that I like and would want to create something out of.

1. New comic strip every week: They wouldn’t necessarily follow a set story, they can just be random thoughts that I can turn into comic strips. I would aim for a minimum of five panels each week.

2. A comic of the adventures of a superhero squad. Back when I was a teenager me and my friends talked about this quite regularly, to the point where we had set abilities and names. It would be fun to illustrate the ideas we had.

3. Illustrate the thoughts of someone with, often, extreme anxiety. Personal one again I guess. I thought it might be interesting to visually show the monologue that plays out in my head everyday.

Based on these the one I’m leaning towards more is the superhero one, it would be enjoyable and fun to draw out these characters and drop them into ridiculous situations.



Creative Session – Focus on the Story


So we had another creative session yesterday and I presented all research and inspiration thus far. I think I properly defined my project goal, that being “To create an online resource for graphic designers” Its a little vague I know but it is still kind of early days with this so I think it works, for now.

Most of my posts here have been about reviewing websites, what I like and what I don’t like, I’ve been looking at font review sites as well. What I’ve almost forgotten to do is really focus on the interviews I’ll be having with graphic designers and how I can make those interesting and engaging.

Up until yesterday I was planning on creating a set list of questions for these interviews and hoping I get a different answer each time. Which is the problem, I’m hoping that the answers will be varied and captivating, which they very well might not be after several videos in a row of the same question structure.

So what I could do, this was pointed out by a supervisor and I have to say I quite like the idea, is to have one video focus on how the interviewee became successful in the industry, another on the day to day workings, another on an artists process when approaching and working on a project, etc.

I think these videos and the story it creates are beginning to take shape, a lot more work is required though.

Research and Inspiration 40 – Star Wars

star wars logo

So the new Star Wars trailer dropped last night and I felt it was nescessary to highlight the font that we have all come to recognise with the franchise.

ITC Serif Gothic was a well used font in 70’s and 80’s sci-fi filims, such as the orginal Star Trek film. Developed by Herb Lubalin and Tony Di Spigna in 1972 it is something that now envokes a sense of nostalgia within us. Which speaks to the point that typography itself is an art form and envoke feelings and resurface forgotten memories. Either way the latest trailer was amazing and I am so hyped for December.

Research and Inspiration 39 – Educating through Design

type detail

Type Detail is a fantastic resource for those looking to educate themselves, such as myself, in typography. It breaks down a different typeface and explains why it is good, how it differs from other typefaces and from this we can extract when and where a certain typeface is applicable. This and fonts in use I can see as being go to resources when developing my project. Type Face would be more something that I use to kick myself off though, I’ll be research the current bank of typefaces and attempting to learn enough so that I can later distinguish between certain typefaeces on my own.

Research and Inspiration 38 – Imgur

imgur logo

Imgur is becoming increasingly prevalent as the dominant means of sharing funny photos/gifs but also ones work. There are numerous occasions recorded of graphic design work hitting Imgurs front page and those artists then becoming employed or recieveing a surge in their etsy orders.

If social media is a way for graphic designers to have their work viewed and create connections it could be possibly worth investing some time in Imgur.

Research and Inspiration 37 – The Impact of Graphic Design

art version

Art Version did a really interesting article on the impact of graphic design. Considering there is more of a cry out than ever for good graphic design and how more people than ever before are becomming involved in the industry I thought it was worth mentioning.

It highlights the need for a company’ visual designs in branding and marketing to be congruent and applicable to thier message. Not doing this can seriously confuse its customers and hurt the companies brand.

Design directly impacts a clients success, failing to achieve a succinct design can lead to a disastorous result. This of course is something that is generally known but it is always worth highlighting. Especially for myself as I attempt to create something that is well designed and functional this year.

Research and Inspiration 36 – You the Designer

you the designer

You the Designer is another great resource base for graphic designers. It includes freebie tutorials for designers and print templates for menus and tickets. A nice use of responsive design and negative space. Recent posts feature photo realistic drawings and a great design for a coffee house in Kiev. Showing us that good design blogs reach beyond a digital setting.

Its an interesting one, I was considering just focusing on graphic designers in a digital space but I may branch out to include print as well. There is an interview with Kevin Morgan, who is a thirty year graphic design veteran. It serves a useful purpose as to further clarifying what questions i’ll be asking in my interviews.

Research and Inspiration 35 – Making Social Media Work for Graphic Designers

Creative Pro

Creative Pro recently wrote an article on how social media can impact a designers future. I thought it was worth blogging about considering what I’ll be doing over the course of this year is trying to figure out how an aspiring graphic designer can become succsessful.

The overall advice is to become active in online communities, post your work and ask for feedback, without spamming. It also speaks about scheduling your work to post on your social media. This is a pretty good way of freeing up your own time to work on other projects and allows you to stick to a schedule.

Incorporating these methods in your social media can be a great way to convert clients and establish connections.

Research and Inspiration 34 – Beoplay

Bo play speakersSo despite my apparent dislike for parallax websites it seems this is the industry go to for new design and forward thinking. I was looking for websites with good responsive design and Beoplay was the most well designed from what I could find.

Navigation wise there is a nav bar which I’m happy about, so many parallax websites simply rely on the user scrolling down constantly to find new content. This however gives clear indication of where you are and how to get to the content you might want.

It includes an immediate call to action for buying the device, again this is pretty good. I’ve come across many websites that wont display a price until you are actually inputting your card details.

Graphically it all works very well, its intuitive and interactive, concise with its text.

Beoplay is a good example of parralax done well, and incorporates features i’d like to implement in my own site.

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