Ive always had an attraction towards working in film.

For me its such a broad area that if I choose to be independent and work on my own projects through using my own equipment or pitching ideas to a network its a route I can go down. Or I can choose to try and attach myself to a studio and work on projects that come through as a camera operator or editor. When it comes down to it, I really just want to entertain people, and being involved in that process, when it comes to film and creating something that people can laugh, cry at or ponder over is something I’ve always really wanted to do. Ever since I was pretty young, watching Ace Ventura and laughing at the goofiness of Jim Carey and his portrayal of a character who was completely over the top and yet you still buy into the film and follow it through its ridiculous course, I’ve felt that this is something that I want to be part of. Finally, from the work that I’ve done, although  there are some glaring problems working to fix those issues and pushing myself towards being critically successful is something I want to attain, if I do choose film as my future.

Whereas graphic design would allow me to explore a very different creative side of myself, and employment wise, again, attaching myself to a company I feel it could possibly be much more stable than film. Working with clients and collaborating is something I think I do very well and visualising the clients thoughts and ideas just really speaks to me, however arduous the process may be sometimes. I have a passion for looking at someones work and trying to break down each individual piece and understanding the creative process that went into whatever it may be and figuring out how to improve on something that already exists and make it more accessible for its users. The last point is expressed expertly in a recent TED talks lecture we watched, Tony Fadell: The first secret of design is noticing.

So can I do this, can I push myself to the levels of the people I idolise in both these industries, I guess it properly starts now.