So we’ve been asked to think up a couple of ideas relating to our final year project.

  1. Documentary on the life of a famous musician from the 60’s
  2. Minimalistic movie posters of famous films.
  3.  A short about on the theme of sonder.
  4. A photography project depicting the hidden emotions of couples on their first date.
  5. A short on two characters without fathers.
  6. Illustrations of God based on different interpretations.
  7. Photo essay based on the works of Robert Frost.
  8. Branding project on a fictitious film company.
  9. “Where are they now” interviews with previous graduates.
  10. An eBook on a character doing everyday activities.
  11. Movie debate show with guests from the film industry.
  12. Short parodies of popular films.
  13. Documentary on everyone else’s final year project.
  14. Photo essay portraying peoples bedrooms.
  15. Anamorphic typography photography project.
  16. Short film about a character whose father is emotionally distant.
  17. Only using one light source, photography project.
  18. Redesigning logos of well established companies.
  19. The same situation acted out multiple different ways.
  20. Photographing the same object everyday.

Which of these to keep?

  1. Minimalistic movie posters of famous films – Its a new take on something that is usually studio approved and minimalism can allow you to experience the emotional depths of a character through a static image.
  2. Documentary on the live of a famous musician from the 60’s – The wealth of knowledge, the regret for lost opportunities and trying to make it in an industry obsessed with the new. It would be a great insight for upcoming musicians.
  3. Branding project on a fictitious film company – Its the most varied of my choices and would allow me to work on skills that I enjoy and wish to improve.