1.Vimeo is a fantastic platform for uploading and enjoying video content. What I like about it is while it doesn’t pull in the audience of youtube it is a space for people who are fully engaged in creating quality shorts. This helps provide great feedback for content creators which in turn helps them hone their craft. I do find it quite difficult to navigate at times however, coursing through its version of a news feed or its internal search engine can be a little tedious.

vimeo newsfeed

Vimeo does attract me to working in a space similar to this as film is certainly a passion of mine and working on web design is an area I want to expand my skills in.

2. Locke, released in 2014, is an notably underrated film. Its premiss is very simple, man drives from work to a hospital, but on the way we are given a masterful performance by Tom Hardy as he slowly lets us into the life of his character Ivan Locke. We are given detailed insights into Lockes motivations and belief system and his desire to completely separate himself from his father despite arguably making the same choices as him.

Experiencing this film certainly makes me want to push myself as a cinematographer and create an immersive film using only a small space to tell my story in.

3. Behance.net allows a space for content creators to upload and showcase their work in a space where it can be critiqued by industry pros. The best comparison I can think of is linkedin for those interested in film or design. So, creating a space that is purely my own and that I could direct people to, is something that I would like to work on.

It could possibly be a huge, undertaking but having something that has been created purely by me, rather than another profile on a website saturated by other content creators I feel could stand to me better than using a template upon which I could upload my work.

4. Amores Perros is a film I come back to quite regularly and think upon, more so the thought processes of the script writers and director rather than the film itself. It is a fantastically well made film about vastly different characters and how their lives change as a result of a car crash. But its more so the idea of bringing characters together, who normally would never have any type of interaction with each other, that intrigues me and makes me want to explore this idea as well in a short film piece. Here is the trailer anyway, be warned though it does contain some adult content.

5. A lovers quarrel with the world is an excellent documentary on the life and writings of Robert Frost. It gives a fantastic insight into his being, his love of nature and also his patriotism, which is most likely a reflection of the era in which he lived. Its more so his musings on what it is to be a poet that intrigues me, at one point he states “Never do it to pay a bill, because you probably won’t”. It is the insight of an artist who has a deep passion for his work and decades of experience which impresses upon me the desire to make a documentary about expressionism.