So yesterday we had our first creative session. It was a chance for us to pitch our initial ideas and talk about the area we would like to work in.

As always there an some incredibly varied projects. Naturally I pitched the idea of working in film. With that in mind I entered the pitch with the aim of either, using coding and graphic design to create a place where I could upload my past and future film work. This would allow me to expand my current abilities with code and design and give me a creative space in which I publish diverse film projects.

The second idea I had was to create a documentary about the life and experience of a musician from the 60’s and his opinion of the industry as it is, his current work and how ageism encompasses all of this. This went down a little better than my first idea, which correctly stated in the session is a huge undertaking in which I could easily lose myself in one area of. So taking the advice of the panel onboard, I do certainly intend to work on a documentary, perhaps not the one I pitched, but certainly a documentary.

I’ve said this to a few of the people I know who work in film and each one has come back with an idea of creating some sort of mockumentary. Which is interesting, its certainly something I never considered myself doing. But the idea of creating a satirical piece is compelling.

So now, not only do I have an area I want to work in but a decent idea of what I want to create. This I suppose is where I move into the research stage and find something that really resonates with me that i’d like to emulate.