Under Consideration is a graphic design firm and publishing enterprise that is run by Armin Vit. While being a key practitioner, having several published books on typography and graphic design, Vit leaves much to be desired in terms of Brand New’ design.

Screen cap of under considerations about page

Its very clear to see that the fonts here are in conflict with each other, pulling the eye around the page and straining the reading experience. While we’re on the subject, gold coloured font on a black background. Really? I mean this is something I would have done back in first year, thinking it was the best idea ever. This just looks tacky and outdated.

under considerations image gallery

Its 2015, when I see an multiple images arrayed on a page like this I expect to be able to click on them, have them expand, and flick through. Does Brand New allow this? Nope. What we’re given are static images that I have to squint at to find the detail in. Honestly, for someone so well respected in the design industry, I would have thought Vit would make it a point to have a great looking website that is enjoyable to navigate through, unfortunately this isnt the case and serves as a warning for myself when   I begin designing my own website later this year. On that note, I should probably redesign this blog as well.

One final point about Under Consideration, it doesnt seem to be optimized for Firefox.