I’m not sure when the article was posted but Design Your Way did an article on 34 well designed sites that web designers should take note of. After clicking through several of them and realizing most were parallax, I began to ask myself was this the future of web design or just a trend people were following?

It certainly is engaging at first and a nice break from the norm, its clear that a lot of work went into creating these sites. But is the scrolling to reveal content just an initial gimmick in order to get you to move through the site? Honestly I think in a lot of cases it is, after the first couple of times of clicking onto parallax sites and thinking “Oh, shinny!” I find myself scrolling really just to end the experience and lose interest in the actual content. What I actually might be looking for, in a lot of cases, becomes harder to find as I shift through the site or I may miss it entirely and have to work my way back. From what I’ve seen, so far anyway, navigation and usability are often sacrificed for a cool design. Which should never really be the case.

I may change my mind but for right now a parallax site is out for my project.

Some Examples of parallax:

Well Done Team GB

well done team gb image

Rule of Three

rule of three website image


Spokes Pedicabs website image