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HubSpot did a great article on creating an engaging and well designed homepage that can help ensure users stay on your site rather than clicking “back” immediately. They identify seven things your homepage must have in order qualified users, which I have summarized below.

  1. Clearly Answers “Who I am”, “What I do” and “What the visitor can do”. Visitors need to identify within seconds what it is you do, so have a clear and concise message on your homepage.
  2. Resonates with the Target Audience. Limit the use of jargon and buzz words, connect with your user and avoid fluff.
  3. Communicate a Compelling Value-Proposition. Articulate why the user should stay and click through your site.
  4. Optimizes for Multi-Device Usability. We are becoming increasing mobile in our interaction with the web. Having a mobile-friendly site is becoming increasingly important and prevalent in the industry.
  5. Includes Call to Actions. These compel users to click further through your site and discover its content. They are helpful with directing users, ensuring they stay rather than finding a competitor site.
  6. Always Changes. Great homepages aren’t static and change depending on their user needs or trends. This keeps users engaged and ensures you remain current and popular.
  7. Employs Great Overall Design. A well designed page will keep a user engaged and help create trust in your brand or value.


The White House

The white house homepage image

4 Rivers Smokehouse

screen shot of 4 rivers smoke house homepage


screen shot of dropbox homepage