Good fonts to use on the web

A pretty helpful article on what typefaces work best on the web. It stresses the fact that while intricate and decorative typefaces may look nice, because of the resolution they’re viewed at detail will be lost. Also these typefaces will distract your user from your content. It is best to use typefaces like Galena, Silica or Bliss as these have simple yet distinctive character shapes, look and read best on low screen resolutions.

A bigger font, usually something 16 point, is easier to read and adds to the reading experience. It also is much more clearer on low resolutions.

A sans serif typeface can work best for web as it is easily readable when printed. While I don’t think the last point is very useful for me, as my content will be designed so as a user wont need to print, the rest of the article stresses the need to choose a legible typeface.