Bo play speakersSo despite my apparent dislike for parallax websites it seems this is the industry go to for new design and forward thinking. I was looking for websites with good responsive design and Beoplay was the most well designed from what I could find.

Navigation wise there is a nav bar which I’m happy about, so many parallax websites simply rely on the user scrolling down constantly to find new content. This however gives clear indication of where you are and how to get to the content you might want.

It includes an immediate call to action for buying the device, again this is pretty good. I’ve come across many websites that wont display a price until you are actually inputting your card details.

Graphically it all works very well, its intuitive and interactive, concise with its text.

Beoplay is a good example of parralax done well, and incorporates features i’d like to implement in my own site.