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Creative Digital Media Final Year Project

Research and Inspiration 33 – AIGA

aiga logo

The American Institute of Graphic Arts has over seventy chapters through America and prides itself on bringing design to the world. With over 25,000 members and being graphic designs oldest professional membership organization it is easy to see why they would think this.

Of course they’re absolutely right as well, their blogs and articles give tremendously important insight into graphic design and how one can improve their abilities.

This is something I would like to be a part of myself and one day be featured here, as unlikely as that may be. Thinking on my own site, which I still have to name, an AIGA type forum could be useful for purely Ireland based designers.


Research and Inspiration 32 – Graphic Design and the Making of Meaning

Law Alsobrooke on grahic design and making meaning

Law Alsobrook discusses at TED that design creates purpose and is a way of being.

 He gives some great insights in here and stresses that designers are problem solvers. Graphic designers create a way for people to visually communicate and is a superb form of expression. This helps me delve deeper into the underlying emotions and desires of a graphic designer and helps answer what it takes to create one. That being someone who is a deep thinker and who seeks to solves problems, to create understanding through their work.

Its good to once again be reviewing what creates a graphic designer rather than looking over websites, its helping to ground me back in what I want to create rather than worrying over typefaces.

Research and Inspiration 31 – Awwwards

awards logo

I love how this site is designed. Its easily navigable, the typeface they use is employed extremely well and its overall idea is brilliant! A place for designers to showcase their work and be given constructive feedback, users vote on how well your design is implemented in your website. It showcases the winner of last months vote, includes a clear call to action for designers to submit their work.

It also includes a blog for designers to keep up to date with. I’m beginning to see a bit of an industry norm now, all of these great resource sites keep some form of blog for users to follow. It makes sense, it’ll generate return users and keep them engaged.

For my own site I hadn’t considered it but perhaps I might keep a blog of what designers are up to around Dublin, even if I dont get to actually sit down with them.

Research and Inspiration 30 – Millo


Millo is a resource site that teaches designers how to become employed. Its really the first site I’ve come across in my venturing that deals purely with securing the future of a graphic designers career.

Again its a well resourced site offering a wide variety of articles for aspiring designers on how to become successful. Its a useful tool and I’ve subscribed to their mailing list. Perhaps I could employ some of their own tactics in my site, like generating clients and networking. For right now I’m going to be focusing on what I see as the main attraction of my site which will be the story of aspiring designers.

Research and Inspiration 29 – Creative Nerds

creative nerds logo

Creative Nerds is a resource tool for graphic designers. It seems extremely comprehensive in its materials that it offers to graphic designers, offering a list of great articles and tutorials. Its well designed, employing white space effectively and uses a typeface that fits in well with the aesthetic of the overall site. Its navigation works well and is easy to use, it employs responsive design.

Overall a really well designed website that i’ll be using as I progress through this year. They also have a link to their Youtube channel where they post quick tutorials for photoshop, illustrtor or Indesign.

Research and Inspiration 28 – 4 Emerging Designers on How to Do What You Love for a Living (AIGA)


In a recent AIGA article four designers talk about how they pushed through failure and adversity in order to become successful. Its a very well written article and helps me hone in a little more on what types of questions I would like to ask my interviewees. From “How do you handle your work being taken and manipulated?” answered by Andrea Pippins. To “How important is time management and working on your craft?” answered by Erik Marinovich.

So this isnt really the style I would like to lay my interviews out in, I’m  not a big fan of the background colour and layout wise I think something a little more innovative can be employed. Still though its a good article to read if you want to learn about what drives a graphic designer.

Research and Inspiration 27 – Grafik

image of homepage is packed with posts, projects and ideas from graphic designers across the globe. I really like its design and its quite easy to navigate around. Interestingly in incorporates two different typefaces, that I can see, on its landing page. Which may be unusual as from what i’ve read so far, websites desire at least some sort of uniformity in their typography. This does harken back to an earlier post I made about graphic design in 2033.

Some really interesting articles in here that highlight just how alive graphic design is and how it incorporates itself into every part of our lives.

Research and Inspiration 26 – A VERY Brief History of Graphic Design

So graphic design is something that has existed since humans have pretty much been around. Desiring new ways of communication we can first see design take shape in alphabets. From petroglyphs to the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs words and pictures were combined to create illustrated manuscripts. Calligraphy emerged with the first typefaces, this of course would lead to the creation of typography.

After the creation of Johannes Gutenbergs printing press early logo design emerged in the renaissance as well as many new typefaces, some of which are still used today. During the industrial revolution George Eastman created the first Kodak camera allowing the public to record their lives. Around this time the worlds first printed magazine, dedicated solely to the visual arts, emerged. Printed by the Century Guild of Artists and entitled The Hobby Horse.

From this Art Nouveau began, characterized by linear designs and flowing curves based on natural forms. Its masters included Aubrey Beardsley and Alphonse Mucha, to name two.

Graphic Design really exploded during the early modernist period giving way to many new forms and different methods of expression. Posters became a much more important tool of communication, as seen in World War One era illustrations governments began using these as a means of propaganda.

The expansion of the magazine industry helped move humanity into the information age. With the Push Pin Graphic artists were able to further experiment with forms and ideas. Around this time posters became a much more important tool for highlighting social activism.

Finally over the last thirty years, post-modern to contemporary artists have been able to explore design in increasingly changing ways thanks to the creation and popularization of the personal computer.

I thought garnering some insight into graphic designs history would help, even slightly with this project. It was interesting to say the least.

Research and Inspiration 25 – Responsive Design

web design displayed on different mobile devices

As we become more and more mobile while interacting with the web, I imagine it would benefit a website that incorporates responsive design. This tutorial breaks down why responsive design must become more prevalent and how it is much more useful for your users.

I’m more than likely going to create my website with a responsive design. Its versatility is something I havent found matched in other design methods and really its what users expect these days.

A responsive design also makes the website much more cost effective, along with being far more friendly and visually appealing. This of course sets it far ahead of the old standard static design

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