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Creative Session – Focus on the Story


So we had another creative session yesterday and I presented all research and inspiration thus far. I think I properly defined my project goal, that being “To create an online resource for graphic designers” Its a little vague I know but it is still kind of early days with this so I think it works, for now.

Most of my posts here have been about reviewing websites, what I like and what I don’t like, I’ve been looking at font review sites as well. What I’ve almost forgotten to do is really focus on the interviews I’ll be having with graphic designers and how I can make those interesting and engaging.

Up until yesterday I was planning on creating a set list of questions for these interviews and hoping I get a different answer each time. Which is the problem, I’m hoping that the answers will be varied and captivating, which they very well might not be after several videos in a row of the same question structure.

So what I could do, this was pointed out by a supervisor and I have to say I quite like the idea, is to have one video focus on how the interviewee became successful in the industry, another on the day to day workings, another on an artists process when approaching and working on a project, etc.

I think these videos and the story it creates are beginning to take shape, a lot more work is required though.


Our First Creative Session

So yesterday we had our first creative session. It was a chance for us to pitch our initial ideas and talk about the area we would like to work in.

As always there an some incredibly varied projects. Naturally I pitched the idea of working in film. With that in mind I entered the pitch with the aim of either, using coding and graphic design to create a place where I could upload my past and future film work. This would allow me to expand my current abilities with code and design and give me a creative space in which I publish diverse film projects.

The second idea I had was to create a documentary about the life and experience of a musician from the 60’s and his opinion of the industry as it is, his current work and how ageism encompasses all of this. This went down a little better than my first idea, which correctly stated in the session is a huge undertaking in which I could easily lose myself in one area of. So taking the advice of the panel onboard, I do certainly intend to work on a documentary, perhaps not the one I pitched, but certainly a documentary.

I’ve said this to a few of the people I know who work in film and each one has come back with an idea of creating some sort of mockumentary. Which is interesting, its certainly something I never considered myself doing. But the idea of creating a satirical piece is compelling.

So now, not only do I have an area I want to work in but a decent idea of what I want to create. This I suppose is where I move into the research stage and find something that really resonates with me that i’d like to emulate.

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